Get $500 Off A Blackline Solutions Snow Plow For Your New Minitruck 

A Blackline Solutions snow plow is a phenomenal partner for your Daihatsu Hijet Basic, Farming, Jumbo, or Dump minitruck -- and you can save a massive $500 off the MSRP if you order your minitruck through us! Read on to find out how ...

Saving $500 On Your Snow Plow Is As Easy As 1-2-3 ...


Order a Hijet Basic, Farming, Jumbo or Dump minitruck from us. Our online configurator makes it easy, so why not start now?


Send the deposit for your minitruck and we will send you a discount code valid for 90 days.


Order your snow plow from Blackline Solutions using the discount code and get $500 off MSRP!

Turn Your Minitruck Into A Snow Terminator!

Black Daihatsu Hijet minitruck with Blackline Solutions snow plow
Silver Daihatsu Hijet minitruck with Blackline Solutions snow plow

Why Blackline Solutions Minitruck Snow Plows?

Winter will never be the same again as you enjoy the warm comfort of your minitruck cab combined with the snow-terminating power of your Blackline snow plow.

Performance & Durability

The only plow system with 600lbs downward pressure gives you the force to slice into heavy, icy snow. That force is transmitted through 52" - 72" blades made of tough 16-gauge cold-rolled steel that are the most durable on the market. It's built strong, and built to last. The only question is which you will end up replacing first -- your tough-as-nails minitruck, or your cold hard-steel plow?

Built For Minitrucks

The team at Blackline Solutions know minitrucks. They know all the different models in detail, and have a front receiver ready to pair your minitruck with the exact plow you want to use. Need help deciding which will be best for your situation? Just ask them and they can tell you.

Easy Quick-Mount System

With the quick-mount system, hooking the snow plow up to the front receiver hitch on your minitruck is a breeze. And when the season's over, just pop it off again and your minitruck is ready for summer adventures. Easy!

Notes about this offer. (1) A discount code will only be sent to a customer once the deposit for a to-order minitruck has been received by Minitruck World LLC. (2) The discount code will be a unique combination of letters and numbers which will only be for the use of this named customer. (3) The discount code will be valid until the end of the stated date 30 days from the date this deposit is received by Minitruck World LLC.  (4) The discount code will only apply to snow plows and receivers that can be paired with the exact model of minitruck you have ordered. (5) Snow plow delivery costs, sales tax and other charges may apply. (6) Snow plow purchases from Blackline Solutions, LLC are between you as the customer and Blackline Solutions, LLC as the supplier. These contractual arrangements do not involve Minitruck World LLC. (7) Minitruck World LLC is not liable for any issues arising from your purchase of or use of a Blackline Solutions, LLC snow plow. (8) Any inquiries about the snow plows themselves, or any after sales questions or issues arising from your snow plow purchase should be directed to Blackline Solutions, LLC and not Minitruck World LLC. (9) Snow plows can only be mounted on Basic, Farming, Jumbo and Dump Hijet models, so this offer does not apply to customers purchasing Deckvan or Cargo models.

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