From Spec to Delivery: How The Process of Getting Your New Minitruck Works

Even though your minitruck is coming all the way from Japan, we make the process as easy as possible. Keep reading to find out what happens each step of the way. 

Spec Your Minitruck

Use the advanced configuration tool to spec the exact minitruck you want. Ready to buy? Hit the order button. Not sure yet? Have the spec emailed to you so you can come back and buy it later.

The beauty of Minitruck World is that we make it easy for you to get a minitruck to the exact specification you want. 

You want a Deckvan in Rose Metallic with automatic transmission for your wife? Done. You want a Multipurpose PTO dump in White with a 5-speed manual transmission, diff lock and high-low switchable range? No problem. Answer the questions in our online spec configuration tool, and either order, or have the spec emailed to you so you can order later.


Purchase Agreement and Deposit

Sign the purchase agreement and send the deposit to our US bank account. Remember, Minitruck World is a US company, so you don't have to worry about dealing with Japan.

At the end of the configuration process, you will receive an email with the details of the spec you have created and a PDF purchase agreement.

Print out the purchase agreement and fill it in. Then, either mail it to our office address (our contact details are at the bottom of every page on this site), or scan it (you can use a scanner app on your phone if you want) and email it to us.

As soon as we receive this, we will send you our US bank details so you can send the $2,000 deposit via wire transfer.


Order Placed With Daihatsu

Your personal spec minitruck is ordered from the Daihatsu factory in Japan. We get an estimated delivery date, which is the due date for your second payment.

With the purchase agreement and deposit in hand, we have a brand new minitruck built to your spec ordered from Daihatsu in Japan.

Once the order is in, we get an estimated delivery date. This is when the minitruck is expected to be delivered and ready for transport to the port. This date is the due date for the second payment (of three). You send this payment as a wire transfer to our bank account in the US, just as you did with the deposit.


Preparing for Shipping

Getting your factory-fresh minitruck from Japan to the US involves preparing it for export and booking shipping. Don't worry, we handle all of this for you.

Your factory-fresh minitruck is delivered in Japan, but it isn't quite ready to go. We have it processed for export from Japan, as well as having it prepared to meet US EPA import requirements so that it can enter the US. We partner with another US company that is licensed by the EPA to do this work. 

And while all this is proceeding, the exporter in Japan is looking for the earliest ship we can get your minitruck on and making a booking.



Your minitruck leaves Japan on a Ro-Ro ship. We send you documents to show this, which then triggers the final payment due date.

Your minitruck is driven onto the Ro-Ro ship (like a big car ferry) and leaves Japan bound for the best port for your delivery address.

We receive the copy of the bill of lading or waybill from the shipping company and send this on to you. This shows your vehicle is on that particular ship and is consigned to you. After receiving this document copy, you then have 7 days to make the final payment.


Import and Clearing

Although the import will be in your name, don't worry as we will expedite the process of clearing customs.

Even before the ship arrives at the US port, we will be working to ensure the paperwork you need to file is filed correctly. You will need to complete a few simple forms, but we handle the actual filings. Customs charges and filing fees are all included in the to-door price you pay us.


Trucking and Final Delivery

We arrange trucking with our long-time trucking partners from the port to your delivery address.

Your minitruck arrives in the US, but still needs to get to your location. Don't worry! This is also included in the vehicle price. Our trucking partners will contact you with a delivery date and arrange the final delivery. That's it! Your factory-fresh minitruck has made it around the world to your door, and is ready to start working for you.


Lifting & Fitting New Rims and Tires

If you ordered a lift kit with your minitruck. there's still one more step to complete before you drive off into the wilderness.

If you ordered a lift kit, the final stage is to get this fitted to your minitruck. This shouldn't be a difficult job for a professional mechanic, but we recommend you do not attempt to fit it yourself.

Your lifted truck can now take 23 inch or even 25 inch tires in place of the original Daihatsu wheel and tire sets. Buy a rims and tires set from the links we send you, or figure out your own preferred combination. Put these on, and your minitruck has become a real offroad monster.


Ready to Spec Your Factory-Fresh Minitruck?

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