Daihatsu Basic Minitruck Highlights

If you're in climate that doesn't require heat and AC, and are planning on doing relatively light off-roading, then this Basic minitruck model may be the best fit. Good for college campuses,  large factories, zoos, theme parks and more.

From: $15,500 *

+ includes free $500-value lift kit!
 Grippy 4WD

Fit the free 3"lift kit and some new rims and tires for even better offroad performance. But if you want more, consider the Farming Package model with diff lock and high-low range.

Automotive-Grade Frame

Built to exacting automotive standards, this Basic minitruck has all the strength to handle hauling loads while covering difficult terrain. Japanese Minitrucks are notoriously tough and this one is no exception.

Comfortable Enclosed Cab

Enjoy full weather protection and the comforts of a proper enclosed cab. Headlights, mirrors, windshield wipers and washers and more make driving a pleasure even in difficult conditions.

3-Way Opening Load Box

Load or offload from the sides as well as the rear for ultimate convenience. Not only the tailgate, but the sides also fold down for easy access to the 80" load area that can take up to 770 pounds of cargo.

* Includes sourcing in Japan, EPA compliance, Japan-side customs compliance, shipping to US port, import filings and duties, and trucking to your location. Includes free 3" lift kit, but this does not come fitted to the minitruck. Does not include relevant sales tax depending on your location.

Is the Daihatsu Basic model right for you?


  • The cheapest factory-fresh minitruck model you can buy.
  • Fully enclosed cab with comfortable, hard-wearing seats. 
  • Switchable 4WD can be paired with free 3" lift kit.
  • 3-way opening full 80 inch load bed with 770lb rated capacity.


  • No AC or heat, and no power windows or power steering.
  • Only available in white and silver.
  • No diff lock or high-low range.
  • Why go for the bare-bones Basic, when the Farming model is a relatively short-reach upgrade?.

Looking for an alternative? Try the Farming model

Perhaps a greater selection of body colors appeals to you. Or maybe you need a spec manual transmission spec that can handle tougher offroad situations with diff lock and high-low range? Or maybe you need a bit more comfort -- especially in more extreme climates and would prefer to have AC and heat, as well as power windows and power steering? Why not check out the Farming model here?

Minitruck Questions? Get Answers Here.

How long does it take to get the minitruck to me?

When ordering a new Daihatsu minitruck fresh from the factory, it takes approximately 30 days from order to delivery on the Japan side. If you want to cut that time line down, then consider buying one of our pre-ordered minitrucks.

Of course, then it has to be prepared for shipping and shipped out. Typically, it will take between 2 and 4 weeks to prepare it for export and get it on a ship. The voyage time is around 35 to 45 days to the East Coast, and 16 to 21 days for the West Coast. After that, the minitruck has to clear customs and be trucked to you, which would typically be another 7 to 10 days. 

Does the free lift kit come fitted to the minitruck?

The free ($500-value) 3" lift kit is provided in the form of parts. It does not come fitted to the vehicle. It is up to you to decide whether you want to fit it or not. If you are using the minitruck within a large manufacturing location, or a similar location where serious off-road ability is not really required, then you may well want to leave the standard suspension and wheel / tire set up. If you do want to go ahead and fit the 3" lift kit, then we strongly recommend you get it fitted by a professional mechanic following the instructions we provide. Once fitted, your minitruck will be able to take larger offroad 23" or 25" wheel tire combinations. These are not included, but can be sourced easily from sellers in the United States.

Do I have to pay for the whole minitruck up front?

No, you do not have to pay the whole price of the minitruck up front, unless you want to. You will know the full total cost at the time you place your order, but the actual payment is broken down into three separate amounts. The amount of each payment will be stated clearly to you in the invoice you receive.

The first payment due is the deposit of $2,000. Once you have configured your minitruck specification, you will receive the invoice, and you will then have 7 days to get us this deposit. We cannot start the order process until 

The second payment will be due on the date that Daihatsu tells us the vehicle will be delivered. We enter the order for your vehicle, and then receive notification from Daihatsu based on their manufacturing schedule. 

The third (final) payment is due after the ship has left. When the ship leaves, we receive a legal document from the shipping company called the waybill. This shows the vehicle is on that ship and consigned to you. You must pay this final amount by 7 days of receiving this waybill copy by email.

Can I drive my minitruck on the road?

Although it is true that some US states do have laws that permit minitrucks to be registered for the road, and that minitrucks are also used on the road in Japan, under federal law in the US, they are categorized as being for offroad use only. As a result, minitrucks ordered through Minitruck World are for offroad use only and we will not respond to requests for documentation to allow these vehicles to be registered for on-road use in any state.

How fast will my minitruck be able to go?

Although minitrucks in Japan can be used on roads at highway speeds, they are usually used to move rice harvesting equipment, fishing gear, landscaping tools and similar on smaller, low-speed backroads.

However, minitrucks sold through Minitruck World for use in the US have all been speed limited to 25 MPH comply with US EPA Federal laws. Users are expected to take care to ensure that their speed is always suitable for the driving conditions.

Does the price cover shipping etc.?

Spec your minitruck in our online configurator, and you will have the pricing automatically emailed to you. So what does this price include? Is it just the cost of the minitruck itself? 

No, this price gets you the minitruck delivered to your desired delivery address within the contiguous 50 states. It covers the truck itself, Japan-side customs, EPA compliance work, US import customs clearing, and trucking to your delivery address. (And, of course, it includes the free custom 3" lift kit which has a $500 value.)

Can you get me parts for my minitruck?

We don't offer a parts service at the present time, but we will be happy to provide you with information for a reputable specialist Japanese parts supplier from whom you can order from directly using English.

What if my question isn't here?

Can't find the information you're looking for here? Don't worry! First, check out all the answers on our FAQ page here, and if you still can't find what you need, contact us using the information at the bottom of any page, and we will be happy to get you on the right track.

Ready to Spec Your Factory-Fresh Minitruck?

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