About Minitruck World

My name's Stephen and my wife and I are the owners of Minitruck World. I'm originally from the UK, but I now also have US citizenship and am a long-time resident of Japan. 

I'm fluent in Japanese and have over 14 years' experience of handling many thousands of vehicle exports from Japan to customers in the US and many other countries. 

So in Fall 2020, I decided to use this experience as a springboard to create a service for US customers to be able to get brand-new Daihatsu Hijet minitrucks from Japan.

It seemed like the perfect combination of skills to provide the best minitruck sourcing solutions for customers in the US, such as ranchers, municipalities, factories, colleges etc. After all, when you are buying something like this from a great distance, you want to be able to work with someone who has deep experience of the whole process.

I was born and educated in the UK and had my first experience of Japan was on a mission trip from 1993 to 1994. I knew God was calling me back to Japan, so I trained as an English teacher and worked in a high school for three years, while immersing myself in the language. I achieved the highest Japanese language certification in 1999 and achieved a Distinction for my MA in Advanced Japanese Studies in 2000.

Stephen Munday, co-owner of Minitruck World LLC

Stephen Munday


I married Abigail, who is from Florida, in 2001, shortly after which we moved to Japan. Since then,  I have taught English, worked for a web applications development company, and worked at two car export companies in Japan. Plus we also spent 5 years living in the US -- the Midwest, Florida, and the West Coast (so my children can't say they haven't experienced America, that's for sure!)

To be clear, Minitruck World LLC is incorporated in Florida, so all your dealings with this company (Purchase Agreement contracts, bank transfers etc.) are all within the US, in US dollars, and under US (Florida) law, so you don't have the same headaches you would have if you were dealing directly with a company in Japan.

With us you enjoy the best of both worlds -- factory-fresh minitrucks from Japan sourced by people who really know how the Japan-side works, all done in English through a US company working in US dollars.

So why not buy from our inventory or, if we don't have the exact model and color you want in stock, have us build you one to-order? Click on one of the buttons now:

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