February 20, 2021

SOLD — Daihatsu Hijet Jumbo In Mist Blue – Thank You Ron In KY

Five star review of Daihatsu Hijet Jumbo automatic model by Ron Ellis
A big thank you to Ron from Kentucky who ordered this automatic Jumbo model from us. These photos were taken just after it had arrived on the Japan side before being shipped out. I love how this Mist Blue metallic paint job almost glows in natural light. When you see it as an option for your Japanese minitruck in our configurator, it’s going to be hard to get the full impact of just how great it looks in real life, so I hope this photos help you visualize what a great color it actually is in the metal.

The photos above were taken in Japan. So what happened next? Well, Ron’s minitruck traveled across the Pacific, through the Panama Canal as far as Texas. From there it was a couple of days trucking before it finally arrived with Ron at his farm in Kentucky.

Here you can see the pick up at the port in Texas (we handle all the shipping, customs clearance and trucking), the delivery in Kentucky, and Ron already using it on his farm — even though he hasn’t had time to get the lift kit and large tires put on yet. He couldn’t wait! From what he tells me, his biggest problem now is going to be deciding with his wife who gets to take it out as she loves it too!

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SOLD — Daihatsu Hijet Jumbo In Mist Blue – Thank You Ron In KY

Stephen Munday, Minitruck World

Stephen is the owner of Minitruck World LLC. Originally from the UK, he is also a US citizen and has spent many years living and working in Japan. He is fluent in Japanese and English, as well as having over 15 years of experience in the Japan vehicle export / US vehicle import business.