Buy A Brand New Minitruck And Get A Lift Kit Worth $500... For Free!

Order a new Daihatsu minitruck from a US business built on years of experience getting vehicles from Japan ... and we will throw in a 3" lift kit completely free.

Limited Time Only: Save Sales Tax $$$s On Your Minitruck Order!

Are you eligible? How much can you save? Sales tax is based on the delivery address. Tell us the delivery address, and find out just how much you can save

Daihatsu Hijet Basic & Standard minitruck models


Daihatsu exterior colors white and silver
From $16,600*

Tough manual or automatic model has no AC, power steering or power windows, but does have heat. Basic 4WD is good enough but has no diff or high-low range selection. Perfect minitruck for those on a budget.

Daihatsu Hijet Basic & Standard minitruck models


Minitruck exterior colors orange, mint, green, rose, mist blue, black, white and silver
From $18,300*

Excellent offroad-capable standard cab model. Go anywhere manual has diff lock and high-low range. Manual and automatic models have AC / heat, power windows and power steering.

Daihatsu Jumbo minitruck


Minitruck exterior colors orange, mint, green, rose, mist blue, black, white and silver
From $20,600*

Extended Jumbo cab means more interior storage space and reclining seats. Manual has diff lock and high-low range. All models have AC / heat, power windows and power steering.

Daihatsu Deckvan minitruck model


Minitruck exterior colors silver, white, black, rose, green and mint
From $21,600*

Seating for 4 adults with the open load bed, or fold down the rear seats for added interior storage space. All models have AC / heat, power windows and power steering. Available in a variety of colors.

Daihatsu Hijet Cargo Deluxe Van Japanese minitruck


Daihatsu Hijet Cargo Colors
From $19,300*

This minitruck van model has seating for 5, with up to 6' 5" floor length with the rear bench seat folded. Or stow the passenger seat as well, and you can fit up to 8' 8" long items. Available in a variety of colors.

Daihatsu Hijet Multipurpose PTO dump front


Minitruck exterior color white
From $19,900*

Choose from Multipurpose PTO Dump, Multipurpose Electric Motor Dump, and Low Dump model. All the toughness of the Farming model, with the extra benefit of a powered dump box.

* Includes sourcing in Japan, EPA compliance, Japan-side customs compliance, shipping to US port, import filings and duties, and trucking to your location. Includes free 3" lift kit, but does not include the recommended 300lb front springs, and does not come fitted to the minitruck. Does not include relevant sales tax which may be charged depending on your location or your delivery address. All minitruck vehicles are sold in compliance with US Federal law for off-road use only.

Ordering your factory-fresh Daihatsu minitruck is easy. 

Just follow these simple steps.


Spec your minitruck

Use the step-by-step wizard to spec your dream minitruck. Choose the body style, color, transmission and more. Then add the lift kit package if you want to be able to lift your minitruck.


Complete the purchase agreement

Your vehicle spec and the purchase agreement are emailed to you. Complete and send back the purchase agreement, and send the deposit.


Your minitruck is built to order

Daihatsu builds your minitruck. You make the second payment. The minitruck is trucked to the port and prepared for shipment.


Your minitruck ships to the US

The minitruck ships out. You make the final payment. We make sure the customs documents are filed. It clears customs at the arrival port, and we have it trucked to you.

Limited Time Only: Save Sales Tax $$$s On Your Minitruck Order!

Are you eligible? How much can you save? Sales tax is based on the delivery address. So, tell us the delivery address, and find out just how much you can save

Why Daihatsu?

Not heard of Daihatsu? What if I told you that they are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Toyota with a 100+ year history and almost 14,000 employees? When you buy Daihatsu, you get Toyota quality.

Daihatsu minitrucks have been the #1 best-selling minitrucks in Japan for the last 10 years running. And there are good reasons for that. They make the mini trucks with the longest load bed floor, and the smallest turning circle, and they use steel plating with the highest anti-rust rating.

Finally, when it comes to lifted minitrucks, only Daihatsu minitrucks can take the larger 23 or 25 inch tire and rim sets for the most extreme offroad performance.

Daihatsu logo with minitruck pattern

Why Minitruck World?

When you buy from Minitruck World LLC, you're doing business with a US corporation (not some far-off company in Japan), but you are getting the benefit of over a decade of experience sourcing thousands of vehicles from Japan for customers worldwide -- including many in the US.

With our deep experience covering both the Japan and US side, you get the ultimate peace of mind when you buy from us.

Minitruck World logo (large)

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Minitruck or UTV Side-by-Side?

While many minitruck owners say they would never go back, if you are new to minitrucks, it can be useful to see how a typical Japanese minitruck stacks up against something you may be more familiar with -- a side-by-side.

As you can see below, once you have fully specced your UTV, it costs much more than the equivalent minitruck, but doesn't have the same level of equipment minitruck owners take for granted.

Minitruck silhouette
Daihatsu Farming Model

Pricing is for a Daihatsu Farming model in white or silver with manual transmission and is for reference only. Taxes and other charges have not been included.


  • Over 30 miles per gallon.
  • 8 different standard colors.
  • Steel wheels with upgrade package available.
  • AC and heat.
  • Comfortable but rugged individual seats.
  • Fully finished interior with headliner.
  • Cargo box is 63 in by 55 in, and is 11 in deep.
  • Cargo box weight capacity is 770 lbs.
  • 80" long cargo box longest of any minitruck.
  • 660cc gas engine with EFi.
  • 5-speed manual or 4-speed auto transmission.
  • 5-speed manual has low range.
  • Available with or without locking diff.
  • Spare tire carrier (for standard wheel / tire sets).
  • Floor mats included.
  • Front and rear bumpers included, Horn included.
  • Headlights included.
  • Driving lights included.
  • LED work area lighting included.
  • Side mirrors included.
  • Sun visors included.
  • Windshield washers included.
  • Automotive-grade frame.
  • ABS and airbags included.

Minitruck Questions? Get Answers Here.

How long does it take to get the minitruck to me?

When ordering a new Daihatsu minitruck fresh from the factory, it takes approximately 30 days from order to delivery on the Japan side. If you want to cut that time line down, then consider buying one of our pre-ordered minitrucks.

Of course, then it has to be prepared for shipping and shipped out. Typically, it will take between 2 and 4 weeks to prepare it for export and get it on a ship. The voyage time is around 35 to 45 days to the East Coast, and 16 to 21 days for the West Coast. After that, the minitruck has to clear customs and be trucked to you, which would typically be another 7 to 10 days. 

Does the free lift kit come fitted to the minitruck?

The free ($500-value) 3" lift kit is provided in the form of parts. It does not come fitted to the vehicle. It is up to you to decide whether you want to fit it or not. If you are using the minitruck within a large manufacturing location, or a similar location where serious off-road ability is not really required, then you may well want to leave the standard suspension and wheel / tire set up. If you do want to go ahead and fit the 3" lift kit, then we strongly recommend you fit 300lb springs at the front (springs not included), and get the parts fitted by a professional mechanic following the instructions we provide. Once fitted, your minitruck will be able to take larger off road 23" wheel / tire combinations (all models) or 25" wheel / tire combinations (if a pickup body style, or dump model, but not if a Deckvan or Cargo body style). These are not included, but can be sourced easily from sellers in the United States.

Can I drive my minitruck on the road?

Although it is true that some US states do have laws that permit minitrucks to be registered for the road, and that minitrucks are also used on the road in Japan, under federal law in the US, they are categorized as being for offroad use only. As a result, minitrucks ordered through Minitruck World are for offroad use only and we will not respond to requests for documentation to allow these vehicles to be registered for on-road use in any state.

How fast will my minitruck be able to go?

Although minitrucks in Japan can be used on roads at highway speeds, they are usually used to move rice harvesting equipment, fishing gear, landscaping tools and similar on smaller, low-speed backroads.

However, minitrucks sold through Minitruck World for use in the US have all been speed limited to 25 MPH comply with US EPA Federal laws. Users are expected to take care to ensure that their speed is always suitable for the driving conditions.

Does the price cover shipping etc.?

Spec your minitruck in our online configurator, and you will have the pricing automatically emailed to you. So what does this price include? Is it just the cost of the minitruck itself? 

No, this price gets you the minitruck delivered to your desired delivery address within the contiguous 50 states. It covers the truck itself, Japan-side customs, EPA compliance work, US import customs clearing, and trucking to your delivery address. (And, of course, it includes the free custom 3" lift kit which has a $500 value.)

Can you get me parts for my minitruck?

We don't offer a parts service at the present time, but we will be happy to provide you with information for a reputable specialist Japanese parts supplier from whom you can order from directly using English.

What if my question isn't here?

Can't find the information you're looking for here? Don't worry! First, check out all the answers on our FAQ page here, and if you still can't find what you need, contact us using the information at the bottom of any page, and we will be happy to get you on the right track.